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Japanese goods that foreigners like

The following is a list of things in Japan that have surprised, fascinated, and shocked the outside world.  Some of these things you’ll wish you had in your home country and a few you may never want to see in person.  So, without further ado here are the top 12 Japanese things which is worth to buy.

12. Sweets Days Lactic Acid Bacteria Chocolate

Confectionery giant Lotte has announced the launch of a new milk chocolate product in Japan that is claimed to be especially rich in lactic acid bacteria. The bacteria are coated and stored within the fat of the product, enabling it to reach the stomach alive and remain active for longer. Anytime, anywhere, you can enjoy it.
Sweets Days Lactic Acid Bacteria Chocolate purchasing application URL: https://goo.gl/Bisf7Q

11.Pigeon Breast Milk Bottle

This nursing bottle (plastic) supports breast feeding.The nipple has an authentic feeling and is the result of researching how babies move their mouths and drink from breasts.Babies can drink from this bottle with the same motions as from their mother's breast, so it is easy to use while breastfeeding, and smoothly assists nursing.
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10.Pampers Diaper

Pampers Diaper Soft comfort and protection
Unique Absorb Away Liner pulls wetness and mess away from your baby's skin
Extra Absorb Channels to help distribute wetness evenly for up to 12 hours of protection
Provides a comfortable fit around your newborn’s delicate belly.
Pampers diaper in njoyjapan: https://goo.gl/UYAHmL

9. TANPEI Atopita Baby Milky Lotion

Atopita Baby Milky Lotion which contains LFC (Lanolin fatty acid cholesteryl) and yomogi extract which keep baby skin clean and moist. Helps stop itching. Non sticky and free from fragrance, coloring and Paraben.
TANPEI Atopita Baby Milky Lotion purchasing application URL:  https://goo.gl/tBE7DZ

8.Horse Oil
Relief, naturalism cosmetics of the security! "It is the highest grade pure horse oil". The horse oil of purity 100% who completely removed the impurities which steam washed the upper grade fat of the edible horse which grew in Kumamoto, and became with an oil smell and quality deterioration. The feature is that it infiltrates skin quickly without being clinging. You can use it for quality of sensitive skin and the part with the trouble including the skin which a barrier of the skin fails by drying, and tingled positively.
Horse Oil purchasing application URL: https://goo.gl/3jCSiU

7. Roihi-tsuboko Pain Relief Patches


Roihi-tsuboko Pain Relief Patches has been one of the best selling Japanese pain relief patches according to the Yahoo Japan Ranking. Unlike standard pain patches which are square, Roihi Tsuboko patches are round, making it easier to apply them to different parts of your body. Roihi Tsuboko warm patches contain Nonylic Acid Amide, which helps improve blood circulation, relieving pain from stiff shoulders, bad back.
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6. Splatoon 2 - Nintendo Switch Game

New weapons - New dual-wielding Splat Dualies join the action, complete with a new Dodge Roll move. Mainstays like the Splat Roller and Splat Charger have also been remixed to include new gameplay mechanics and brand-new special weapons.New ways to play - Play using the Joy-Con controllers or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, both of which allow for gyro controls for better aiming and control.
Splatoon 2 - Nintendo Switch Game purchasing application URL: https://goo.gl/wUx6k9

5. AMTOK Blackhead/Pimple Remover Kits

Stainless steel: All tools of blackhead remover kit are made from Stainless steel. You can safely sterilize all tools without them corroding or reacting negatively. 2 different practical beauty tools kit help remove blackheads, ache and various blemishes to keep your face clean and smooth without redness or scar.
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4. Hand Spinner

A good choice for killing time, helps relieve stress .Great toy, easy to carry, small, simple, discrete and fun, also effective for focus and deep thought. Perfect size suitable for adults and kids. High performance bearing for extremely fast and long spin times. Great for fidgety hands, help add and adhd sufferers relieve stress and anxiety. Using great bearings, the middle one is a hybrid ceramic bearing, for ultra smooth spin.
You can apply for purchasing Hand Spinner in njoyjapan: https://goo.gl/XRBZWn

3. Panasonic Portable Handy Toilette

Japanese toilets are state of the art, coming with heated seats and all sorts of buttons and gizmos. This can mean that Japanese tourists traveling abroad are disappointed when a local toilet doesn't have the same options. Many Japanese toilets now come fitted with mini bidet shower functions to rinse you after you are finished. How can you be sure to have this same experience wherever you are in the world? Simple. Take the Panasonic Handy Toilette with you.
Panasonic Portable Handy Toilette purchasing application URL: https://goo.gl/CezqWb

2.Green bell craftsmanship catcher nail clippers



The Green bell craftsmanship catcher nail clippers is really sharp and cut very well. The size is very appropriate. The unexpected surprise is the nail filer is very handy. It's ergonomically fits well in your hands and slightly curved on the filing edge to hug your nail making it very easy to file.
Green bell craftsmanship catcher nail clippers purchasing application URLhttps://goo.gl/D2GzNC

1. Panasonic Etiquette Cutter

Panasonic Etiquette Cutter provides Tracking Number Etiquette cutter that can be used in multi. Introducing a stylish design that can be a portable. Remove the blade!The dual-edged blade can be used in multiple areas, not only for nose hairs, but also the eyebrows, mustache, and ears. This new blade can cut both hairs growing from the side and from above. Of course it can tend the nose and ears, but it is also convenient for forming the eyebrows, moustache, etc.
Panasonic Etiquette Cutter purchasing application URL: https://goo.gl/aAeVPQ


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Gundam ガンダム Time-killing Season 2

Do you love building stuff? Then Gundam Plastic Model kits are here to save your day.  Gundam, the extremely popular science fiction franchise featuring giant robots called ‘mobile suits’, has been offering Gundam Plastic Model kits since 1980s. Today, I will introduce 5 popular Gundam plastic model to you. Hope you will love it!
1.MG Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt High Mobility Notebook MS-11 saiko・zaku "Ver

Overwhelming volume and elaborate detail, reproducible high-mobility type of each place gimmick of MG unique Zaku `Psycho Zaku` appeared !! at MG Ver.Ka. High-density detail by Hajime Katoki's complete supervision. Sealing of texture representation and gimmick in the play, reproduction without leaving the heavy equipment out of the standard. You could get this character in njoyjapan:機動戦士ガンダム-サンダーボルト
2.MG Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Full Armor Gundam
Hajime Katoki thorough supervision of the original by Mr., Full Armor Gundam of built with bringing together the techni…

Welcome to LEGO World

Dream, design and build at every age with LEGO play sets, organised by njoyjapan.
Your builder will catapult into action with LEGO  sets! There’s easy-to-build sets featuring their favorite characters.
1.LEGO Ninjago Movie 70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon Toy Green Ninja mech dragon features a minifigure cockpit, articulated snapping jaws, fully posable body, wheel-activated swooshing tail with spikes, two leg-mounted stud shooters, two hidden pop-out thrusters in the front legs and gold-coloured details Weapons include the green Ninja's tasselled sword, Wu's staff, Garmadon's laser-style pointer and two katanas and Charlie's fish spear.Recreate and role-play exciting the LEGO ninjago movie scenes You could get this lego in njoyjapan:https://goo.gl/gWsmyx
2.LEGO Ninjago Movie 70615 Fire Mech Toy
Fire mech features an opening minifigure cockpit, posable arms and legs, two non-shooting fire blasters with translucent fire-style elements, two shoulder disc shooters, two fire t…

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