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5 Anime Bishoujo Figures Make Your Life be Happy

Today, we will talk about bishoujo figures. We all know that anime and merchandise go hand in hand, especially figures of all shapes and sizes that can suit different tastes. Please let me introduce you some popular bishoujo figures in Japan now. You could get some useful informations here before you buy them from Japan.


Chun-Li, which was redesigned the costume from "STREET FIGHTER V" is, BISHOUJO by again Shunya Yamashita's hands! Strong thighs and for feeding the intense kick, is intact features, such as bracelets that fit in both arms, and produce the adult appeal in China dress of chest open critically. Prototype, Mr. proven Busujima TakashiMaki (Busujimakkusu) is responsible for realistic muscle modeling and delicate costume expression, it is wonderfully three-dimensional spring Li strike a new charm. Please experience a new blow of "STREET FIGHTER girl series".
You could apply for purchasing this item in njoyjapan:CHUN LI

2.Super Sonico

A figure of Sonico in a beautiful wedding dress in celebration of Super Sonico's 10th debut anniversary! The figure is based on an original illustration by Tsuji Santa and has been sculpted in 1/6th scale to capture her impressive dress and sexy appearance in lovely detail!The wedding dress is an original design made especially for Sonico, bringing out her charm as much as possible for fans to enjoy by their side. She also comes with an alternate expression part to display her ready to tie the knot with her wedding kiss! Be sure to add this Sonico to your collection as your bride!
You could purchase this character in njoyjapan:Super Sonico

3.Four Goddess Online CYBER DIMENSION NEPTUNE purple heart

Purple Heart's figure remains the same in the other series but now her outfit is angel-like. Firstly, she has a two-ringed halo and two white wings. Her bodysuit is white and decorated with golden outlines. The bodysuit is somewhat translucent at the both sides of her stomach. She wears white gauntlets that has a lavender accessory attached to it. Those accessories can also be found at her waist. She has wears a pink flower hairclip with golden leaves. It will be released in Jan. 2018
However, you could pre-order this item in njoyjapan:Purple Heart

4. Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book

The Alchemist - Sophie of Atelier mysterious book", three-dimensional in a pose that turn around to hand the book "Purafuta" skilled in knowledge of alchemy.
It will be released in 2018. 
But you could pre-order it in njoyjapan:The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book

5.Beat Angel Escalayer

Beat Angel Escalayer", the release of heroine a "Escalayer" in 1/4 scale of great power! Tentacles entangled, torn costume, chest became reveals, the facial expression distorted in shame, even when viewed from where you can enjoy the finest of finish! Red long hair, such as flow modeling in the clear parts. Octopus type Phantom Thief last is painted a vivid shiny. Such as "Parushion" of ribbon and weapons in motion, small parts also faithfully reproduced! It has become a finish that pulled attention to every corner! Of course, "up and down cast off" is possible! "Up both adults specifications under" You are precise modeling is decorated with. further! Powerful bust "soft material"! Please enjoy the touch of Punipuni.
You could purchase this character in njoyjapan:Beat Angel Escalayer

More Bishoujo Figures you could look for in OTAKU MALL of njoyjapan.


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Gundam ガンダム Time-killing Season 2

Do you love building stuff? Then Gundam Plastic Model kits are here to save your day.  Gundam, the extremely popular science fiction franchise featuring giant robots called ‘mobile suits’, has been offering Gundam Plastic Model kits since 1980s. Today, I will introduce 5 popular Gundam plastic model to you. Hope you will love it!
1.MG Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt High Mobility Notebook MS-11 saiko・zaku "Ver

Overwhelming volume and elaborate detail, reproducible high-mobility type of each place gimmick of MG unique Zaku `Psycho Zaku` appeared !! at MG Ver.Ka. High-density detail by Hajime Katoki's complete supervision. Sealing of texture representation and gimmick in the play, reproduction without leaving the heavy equipment out of the standard. You could get this character in njoyjapan:機動戦士ガンダム-サンダーボルト
2.MG Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Full Armor Gundam
Hajime Katoki thorough supervision of the original by Mr., Full Armor Gundam of built with bringing together the techni…


One Piece is turning twenty this year, and the franchise is going all out with its celebrations. The hit manga series serialization premiered with its first chapter, “Romance Dawn” back on July 19, 1997.To celebrate this momentous achievement, One Piece 20th Anniversary figures will be released from October. The BIG fan of  ONE PIECE should not miss this opportunity! 🤣🤣😘

1. Monkey · D · Luffy😍

Figuarts ZERO ONE ver PIECE 20 anniversary." Than the first series Luffy appeared!Attention to shaping and coloring, reproduce the illustrations of the image!Also it comes with a luxurious sofa that Luffy can sit To stout!  You could pre-order Luffy in njoyjapan:https://goo.gl/8t2NPP
2. Nami

Nami measures approximately 3 inches high and comes with a custom base. Her alternate facial expression is sold with the Brook figure.The new Nami figure will capture Oda’s art perfectly, and you can’t help but falling for the thieving cat.  The Brook 20th Anniversary figure releasing in the same mon…

Japanese goods that foreigners like

The following is a list of things in Japan that have surprised, fascinated, and shocked the outside world.  Some of these things you’ll wish you had in your home country and a few you may never want to see in person.  So, without further ado here are the top 12 Japanese things which is worth to buy.
12. Sweets Days Lactic Acid Bacteria Chocolate
Confectionery giant Lotte has announced the launch of a new milk chocolate product in Japan that is claimed to be especially rich in lactic acid bacteria. The bacteria are coated and stored within the fat of the product, enabling it to reach the stomach alive and remain active for longer. Anytime, anywhere, you can enjoy it.
Sweets Days Lactic Acid Bacteria Chocolate purchasing application URL: https://goo.gl/Bisf7Q
11.Pigeon Breast Milk Bottle
This nursing bottle (plastic) supports breast feeding.The nipple has an authentic feeling and is the result of researching how babies move their mouths and drink from breasts.Babies can drink from this b…